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The planning experts at CG Events have successfully produced events of all sizes, leveraging years of experience to maximize the impact of events for businesses, nonprofits and the communities they serve.

CG Events offers a full suite of services to develop event programs of any scale, including:


  • Budget Development

  • Event Logistics and Site Management

  • Permitting and Municipal Relations

  • Health and Human Safety Planning

  • Emergency Planning & Response

  • Staffing and Volunteers

  • Sites and Venue Selection Contracting

  • Route Scouting & Technical Direction

  • Supplies and Equipment Deployment

  • Vendor Management

  • Hotels, Tours and Booking

  • Transportation Needs

  • Show Running and Presentation Development

  • Virtual Event Broadcasting and Streaming

  • Sponsor Activations and Relations

cg events - full service event planning and production


CG Events offers custom consulting packages that support events of any scope, providing strategic guidance, logistics know-how and implementation techniques to help you create events that connect guests to your brand experience.


Hosting a successful event is challenging. The professionals at CG Events take the guesswork out of the planning process with mindful, purpose-driven solutions that support our clients’ goals. We have deep experience creating and delivering engaging event programs to fit any budget. 


From collaborating on your event concept to advising on permits and permissions, recruiting and hiring vendors to site planning and timelines - our focused consulting group provides the structure you need to bring people together, and bring your event to life.

cg events - event consulting


CG Events offers customizable event management and contracting solutions to fit the scope and scale of your organization’s needs.


Clients who produce event programs sometimes need to outsource professional assistance with specific aspects of their events. CG Events can step in to support on-site management of plans already in motion, or help produce a specific part of an existing event. 


Our suite of services is fully customizable based on our client's needs. We work with you to develop a service plan that fits within your needs and budget.

cg events - event contracting

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